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Losing Business Logo Design Clients! Check Out How to Win Them

Posted on November 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

The toughest challenge of logo designers is retaining clients. Despite producing quality designs, clients do drift away. I know designers who have outstanding designing skills, but still fail to retain clients. Do you know why? It is because persuading business logo design clients is the most grueling task for designers.

The initial task of a logo design artist is to get a client convinced to avail of the services. Thereafter, you have to persuade the client of your designing skills. Even if you design a logo well, finicky clients seem never satisfied. I am not saying that all clients are alike, but there are a few.

This post will highlight how you can win over the confidence of your clients to retain them.

Create a First Good Impression

The first thing that you need to do is to build a good image of yourself as a designer. It is the first impression that counts. You remember the famous adage, “The first impression is the last impression,” right!

This however does not imply that you dress up in expensive suits! It is the way you communicate with your client matters. You have to sound confident and professional to create a first good impression.

Show the Best Designs First

When you are convincing your client to hire you, it is imperative that you highlight the best logos you have designed. Do not make the mistake of showing the less important designs first. You can show them later on after you are hired.

If you have worked with a big brand previously, then highlight that in your portfolio to tempt clients.

Explain your Design

The best way to impress and retain clients is by explaining a logo that you have already worked on. For example, if you have used minimalist designs to create a logo, then explain the benefits of minimalism and the use of negative space.

You can also explain how you have designed a corporate logo before to enhance the brand image of a company.

Simplify the ‘Contact Us’ Page

You have to face it guys. I know designers who had lost important clients simply because they had a lengthy and complicated contact form. Every client might not be comfortable with contact procedures on the web.

Clients who know hate to fill up numerous fields of a lengthy and complex looking ‘contact us’ form. Therefore, you should keep the design of the form as simple as possible, including only the necessary fields, or else you will lose most of your prospective logo clients.

Keep the Discussion Filled with Humor

When interacting with your client about a potential business deal, it is important to keep the discussion filled with humor. You should be serious while explaining designs, but lighten the mood with a little humor.

However, ensure that your humor is always productive and not undignified. Adding sensible humor will help you in building a rapport with your potential clients.

Impress with Genuine Client Testimonials

This is another effective way of attracting clients and getting business. Show your potential clients your previous client’s testimonials. It might seem like blowing one’s own trumpet, but it works!

If your prospective clients are impressed with these testimonials, then it will be a win-win situation for you!

Do not lose hope anymore. Try out these tactics to win over clients.